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Datavid and Graphifi form a partnership [Press release]

by Anastasia Olshanskaya on

Datavid and Graphifi announced a partnership to offer better data solutions by combining data intelligence and knowledge graph capabilities.

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London, November 10, 2021 – Today Datavid, a data intelligence start-up, and Graphifi, a knowledge graph solutions start-up, announced their partnership to provide better data solutions across key industry verticals. 

The synergies from this joined up approach will increase customer value. New tools will provide better insights from data.

An example is the creation of business vocabularies in Graphifi’s Graphologi product and their use to extract and auto classify data in Datavid’s entity extraction platform: Datavid Rover. 

Balvinder Dang, founder of Datavid, commented:

“Our partnership with Graphifi is complementary and in line with our mission to help businesses make smart, data-driven decisions by translating their data into meaningful and actionable information.  It will expedite the implementation of industry use cases such as compliance and regulatory, Product 360° and Pharma 4.0.”

By partnering, the two start-ups are able to offer scalable solutions for building smart data applications. The combined offering provides enterprise-class software along with a depth of expertise in managing and delivering projects. The use cases for such applications span across healthcare and life sciences, publishing and financial services.

“Graphifi and Datavid’s partnership is a great step. It reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our mission to create elegant, easy to use and affordable tools to connect data stored in silos and make knowledge graphs”, said Ravinder Singh, co-founder of Graphifi.

“Through our combined tools and services, we can empower the people, such as architects, taxonomists and data stewards to unlock the value of their organisation’s information.”

About Datavid

Datavid, a data intelligence company founded in 2018, provides services and solutions for businesses to make the most of their data, including artificial intelligence, data analytics and intelligent process automation. Datavid’s clients are large enterprises across Fortune 500 companies in the publishing, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, public sector and banking industries.

Datavid’s mission is to build and deliver proven technology to give customers deep insights into their data. 

About Graphifi

Graphifi, based in the UK, provides tooling and expertise for creating knowledge graphs. Our two products – Graphologi, for taxonomy and ontology management, along with EasyGraph, our knowledge graph delivery platform – offer enterprise class capabilities for managing and setting up knowledge graphs easily and affordably. Customers benefit from the best practices and standards that Graphifi products adhere to. The experts at Graphifi work closely with their customers to ensure adoption and integration with existing systems runs as smoothly as possible. 

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