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Datavid Rover's search capabilities contextualize the results of your queries to match your use case.


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Helping world-class firms make the most of their data

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Organizations like yours often struggle to find the information they need among the vast amounts of data they collected. They rely on traditional search methods, which often produce irrelevant or incomplete results.  

The advent of cognitive search technology revolutionizes the search process.  

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, cognitive search engines can understand the intent behind a search query, adapt and improve results over time, and search across multiple data sources and types. 

Datavid enables your organization's path to faster research with this innovative technology, allowing you to uncover insights and make informed decisions.

Research the way you talk

Datavid Rover lets users perform searches using conversational terms, as if they were asking a question in a conversation, thanks to its innovative cognitive search software. This way the search for information becomes more intuitive and efficient, reducing effort required to find what the user needs.

Integrate all data sources

Cognitive search can search across multiple data sources, including both structured and unstructured data, enabling users to access information from a vast body of knowledge.  
Datavid Rover can support you in connecting all your data and transforming your processes. 

Give researchers their time back

Cognitive search increases researchers' productivity and efficiency by making the search process more contextual eliminating the need for manual searches across all data sources. Datavid embedded years of expertise in developing these features, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Say hello to the future of knowledge sharing

Cognitive search leverages cutting-edge technology to provide you with more accurate, efficient, and relevant search results, allowing your organization to make better-informed decisions and uncover deep insights. 

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Satisfy your customer with a unique experience

Intelligent search solutions use natural language processing to map the relationships between words and suggest relevant terms as users' type. With time, the engine becomes more aligned to individual users and personalizes their search results. By understanding user intent, Datavid Rover’s cognitive search delivers more immediate and relevant content, resulting in a more effective and satisfying user experience, especially for customer-facing search applications.

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Enhance data discovery and knowledge sharing

Cognitive search technology can search across multiple data sources and types, including structured and unstructured data (e.g., databases, documents, images, and audio and video files), making it easier to discover insights and patterns unavailable via traditional search methods. 

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Push productivity to its limits

Cognitive search can reinforce productivity by reducing the time and effort employees spend searching for information. With Datavid Rover's cognitive search capabilities, your employees can easily find the information they need, such as a drug's correlation to side effects in clinical research. The cognitive functionality eliminates the need for tedious manual searches. 

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Boosting customer satisfaction and revenues

BSI faced the challenge of building a more powerful search system within their Compliance Navigator, allowing for contextual results and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Datavid proposed a solution based on the use of the knowledge graph, built on ontologies, capable of tracing the relationships between concepts and the BSl standards database.

The solution included a UI/UX technology upgrade, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and higher revenues. 

The new semantic search functionality shows results for related standards, even when search terms are not precise. Additional features include advanced search and creating templates.

Read the full case study →

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Working with the consultants at Datavid was a great experience, they always guided us in the right direction and delivered significant value in short span of 3 months.


Your questions. Answered.

Cognitive search is an advanced search technology that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand user queries and the content of documents, providing more contextually relevant search results. It goes beyond keyword matching and offers insights and recommendations, making it a powerful tool for information discovery and retrieval.

Cognitive search, unlike traditional search, leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand context, user intent, and the content of documents, providing more relevant and insightful search results. It goes beyond simple keyword matching and offers advanced capabilities for content discovery and retrieval.

Cognitive tools generally refer to AI-based technologies that simulate human cognitive functions. While there isn't a definitive list of five cognitive tools, common examples include natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and knowledge representation. These tools are used for various applications like chatbots, recommendation systems, and data analysis.

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