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Events & Webinars

Explore the upcoming events and webinars:

data summit feature image

Data Summit 2024

Data Summit 2024 is a unique conference that brings together IT practitioners and business stakeholders from all types of organisations.

May 8-9

digigov featured image

DigiGov 2024

DigiGov's aim is to address the challenges and opportunities in transforming government services, enabling public sector organisations and departments to harness the power of technology to deliver efficient, citizen-centric services.

May 8-9

richmond it directors forum

The Richmond IT directors’ forum - spring

The Richmond IT Directors’ Forum is an event designed to facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing within the IT industry. It offers a combination of conference sessions and one-on-one meetings with IT suppliers.

May 16-17

semantic data event featured image

Semantic Data: Taxonomy, Ontology, and Knowledge Graphs

We live in a data world with machine learning and AI increasingly at its heart. In this conference, leading practitioners from multiple sectors share what they have done, the challenges they encountered, the solutions they deployed, and what they believe the future has in store.

 June 27

richmond forum cdo

The Richmond CDO Forum

Richmond Forums offer Chief Data Officers (CDOs) a unique platform to engage directly with suppliers who provide innovative data solutions, supporting their roles in leading digital business transformation and strategising on data and analytics.

September 16-17

BioTechX USA

BioTechX USA

America’s most exciting biotechnology congress, bridging the gap between pharma, academia and clinicians to foster meaningful collaborations.


 September 17-18

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More events coming soon


Find out which events we have attended and watch past webinars:

webinar datavid - 20 03 - featured image

Implementing Semantics and AI to your private MarkLogic data

Find out how to implement semantics and AI/LLMs to your private MarkLogic data in this webinar.

webinar DBTA GenAI LLMs featured image

Succeeding with Generative AI and LLMs in the Enterprise

Explore how to succeed with Generative AI and LLMs in the Enterprise in this roundtable webinar in collaboration with DBTA.


webinar KM world integrating LLMs featured image

Integrating LLMs with a private knowledge platform

Discover how to integrate LLMs with a private knowledge platform in this webinar in collaboration with KM World.