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Move your data without disrupting your business

Datavid’s data migration services ensure that your data is migrated smoothly and with a structured approach.


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Helping world-class firms make the most of their data

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To achieve scalability and stay competitive, every business undergoes transitions from legacy systems or processes to newer infrastructure.

This transition is often painful, but it doesn't have to be.

At Datavid, we follow a data migration strategy created by our experienced consultants, transferring data from one system or storage location to another in a secure and efficient manner with accuracy, completeness, and consistency.

Our data migration services ensure that you can continue using your data even as we transition it to a new location, with zero disruptions.

Cut down on redundant data

Unwanted data can exist for numerous reasons – human mistakes, varied data sources, storage systems not in sync, data existing in silos, and more. 

Redundant data is unfit for consumption as it results in flawed analysis. Datavid’s data migration service will help you consolidate and de-duplicate your data at a single location to standardize it and make it relevant for research. 

Perform upgrades stress-free

With data migrations, there is always a possibility of data loss, data corruption, compliance issues, or downtime.

Our data migration consultants carefully plan the data migration process and test it thoroughly before executing, maintaining open communication to ensure a smooth transition experience.

Minimize data infrastructure costs

Migrating to cloud-based storage from on-premises has a significant impact on cost. Datavid not only guides you in this journey, but we also squeeze as much performance out of your infrastructure as possible—reducing yearly costs by millions of $ in some instances.

Simplify your data migration process  

Don’t let data migration challenges hold your business back. Migrate your data to a new system with our experienced data migration consultants who have a proven track record of successfully migrating large volumes of data.

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Migrate quickly and effortlessly

Data migration can prove to be effort-intensive due to data formats, sources, and volume contributing to complexity. Thanks to years of experience moving data between enterprise applications, Datavid’s migration services enable a quick and effortless transition. Our consultants have the expertise to manage end-to-end lifecycle activities of data—including cloud migration.

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Extract the most value from your data

Collecting data manually from multiple source systems is a time-consuming task that hampers the productivity of your organization. Our migration consultants can consolidate your data into a single storage system, such as a cloud data warehouse or data lake for use in real time. The result is faster time to insight, helping you make data-driven decisions and develop your business.

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Move data with confidence

Data in no predefined format, complex relationships between tables, and dependencies on legacy systems don’t make the migration process straightforward. Datavid’s data migration consultants are experts in migrating storage full of unstructured data, traditional relational databases, and on-premises infrastructure to the cloud or to a hybrid mix of both in a quick, efficient, and secure way. 

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Revolutionizing data management

The American Chemical Society faced the challenge of managing a vast amount of data without a general storage repository.  

Datavid proposed and developed a content lake that acted as a suitable authority and preservation repository, providing higher performance, efficiency, availability, and capacity. 

The result was an efficient storage, processing, search, and retrieval of large volumes of structured and unstructured content, that has reduced the overall costs. 

Read the full case study →

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There was so much effort behind the scenes in validating and normalizing our content that spans many generations of people, production processes, and technologies – what a feat!


Your questions. Answered.

Data migration refers to the process of moving data from one location, format, or system to another. This can involve transferring data between databases, storage systems, or even from on-premises environments to the cloud. The goal of data migration is to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and accessibility in the new destination while minimizing the risk of data loss or corruption during the transition.

Transferring files and documents from an on-premises server to a cloud-based storage platform (e.g., Google Drive or Dropbox) for enhanced accessibility and collaboration.

The four types of data migration are:
1 Storage Migration: Moving data from one storage system to another, often for capacity or performance reasons.
2 Database Migration: Transferring data from one database management system to another, such as from Oracle to MySQL.
3 Application Migration: Shifting data associated with one application to another application, typically during software upgrades or replacements.
4 Cloud Migration: Migrating data and applications from on-premises servers to cloud-based platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Take your organization's data practices to new heights

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