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Accelerate R&D and give researchers their time back

With Datavid you will have all your research data well-organised, archived, and ready to be easily shared and used in new research projects.


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Helping world-class firms make the most of their data

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Your company needs day-to-day management of research data, with classification in line with all file naming conventions, to enable you to quickly discover hidden information and allow access to data for colleagues, co-workers and readers.

This is a highly digital age, where the generation of research data grows exponentially every day and data is stored in many different forms, often inaccessible, stored in many different places, not communicating with each other, and exchanged all over the world.

Datavid research data management experts will help you collect, organise and store your scientific publishing data so that it will be easy to discover, access and share hidden insights.

Increase your research efficiency and find new insights

A properly organised data management simplifies your business life, increases your efficiency and saves you time and effort in the long run.

With Datavid advanced cognitive search tool you can have research that goes beyond the traditional one and uncover new business insights.

Improve your data quality and integrity

Having well-documented data proves that your research is authentic and your results reliable.

If data can be referenced, verified and validated, it increases the accuracy and quality of your research.

This requires data to be stored in one place that link all sources to each other. 

Datavid helps you preserve the integrity and quality of your research data connecting the sources with a data integration service.

Enable secure collaboration and online sharing

An effective research data management facilitates the sharing of research data without affecting data protection. This can make possible for you to securely share your data and reduce the risk of costly and damaging incidents such as data loss or disclosure of confidential data. Datavid supports you in protecting your data with a full data management service

Creating real-world value through data

When working with your organisation's data, there isn't just a project at stake, but rather years of work and corporate knowledge. That awareness alone leads Datavid to implement a rigorous approach for project delivery.

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Higher education

Universities often consist of several faculties, and several campuses, where different subjects are taught, sometimes in different languages.

The professors are many and change, the students are many and they too change.

The amount of data created, uploaded, searched, downloaded and shared is unimaginable. 

It's important for this data to be well catalogued, made secure, and in line with data privacy policies, so that sharing it online for research and collaboration is not subject to plagiarism or theft.

Datavid can help you deal with research data, as well as personal and confidential data and facilitate the secure sharing of both.

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Media and publishing

Media workers use different sources (numbers, audio-visual, text or unstructured data) every day. The data consulted may come from pre-existing or new sources, but this data is essentially scattered. Having access to a single, well-classified repository of sources and data of different formats ensures better consultation and preservation of important materials (online audio, newspapers or social media content) in order to do one's job better.

Furthermore, this type of repository allows you to follow copyright and data protection laws.

Datavid offers you a place where you can collect and classify your data in its original formats, so that you can study it from different perspectives and be able to research it later.

datavid use cases media and publishing
datavid use cases life and health sciences

Life and health sciences

Data is the lifeblood of the life sciences industry that generates and uses a huge amount of it for research such as disease identification, drug discovery, clinical trials and genome sequencing, etc.  

It is, therefore, necessary to manage, collect, store, and process this data in order to make it more researchable! In doing so, privacy and data protection must always be taken into account. Datavid is here for you with solutions and services that can help curate your life science business data.

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The world of agriculture has existed for millions of years, and many companies have a long history. Having a long history also means having accumulated a lot of data and documents, often in different archives and often very old. 

Moreover, a lot of technology (e.g. IoT, drones) is used today to optimise agriculture, and there is a lot of new data. All these historical and new data need to be captured and end up in a single repository to be better utilised. Here, you can search for targeted information quickly. 

Datavid supports you in creating an easy and accessible library of well-organised, quality data.

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Extracting knowledge from decades of data

With almost 50 thousand team members spread across the globe, Syngenta is a powerhouse in farming and agrochemicals—a dominant leader in many of its applications worldwide.

Syngenta came to Datavid with a huge challenge to solve: indexing more than 16 million files spread across dozens of data sources which contained decades worth of siloed knowledge.

Datavid developed a semantic data platform for Syngenta, with the capability to index and retrieve specific agrochemical concepts extracted from "foam tree" ontologies.

The result was a drastic reduction in research time from several weeks to just a few hours, enabling research across a vast body of knowledge previously unavailable to the R&D team.

Read the full case study →

datavid helped syngenta extract knowledge from decades of data


Datavid is helping Syngenta's scientists identify concepts that are relevant to their research more quickly, ultimately saving time and effort on a weekly basis.

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Your questions. Answered.

Research data management (or RDM) refers to the organisation, archiving, storage and sharing of data collected and used in a research project.  

Data management includes three key pillars: data consolidation, data governance, and data quality management. 

Managing search data makes sense for numerous reasons. The first is that it saves time and resources, especially in the long run. Good management increases the quality of analyses, prevents errors and enables others to validate and replicate search results.

Take your organisation's data practices to new heights

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