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Elevate your business with AI empowerment

Discover our AI services tailored to your unique needs, harnessing the power of Semantics and GenerativeAI to drive innovation, optimise operations, and deliver unparalleled competitive advantage.


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Helping world-class organisations with AI services

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Datavid has been a leader integrating AI and ML with data pipelines to build semantic platforms. By using techniques such as NLP (in particular Named Entity Recognition) and semantic technology to customer data, we've developed intelligent systems capable of understanding and processing business concepts in unstructured data, offering our clients deeper insights and opportunities from their data.

Over the past year, Datavid has significantly advanced by focusing on integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) into customer private semantic platforms. This move towards LLMs has spurred innovation, enabling us to address complex data issues more accurately and efficiently without risking IP loss or "hallucinations". Consequently, this has improved our service offers and led to creating new, customised solutions for our clients, aligning with their changing needs.

Are your users struggling to find accurate and relevant information amidst a vast amount of data? 

Is your business facing inefficiencies due to time-consuming, repetitive tasks and the potential for human error?

Are you finding it challenging to provide personalised experiences and prompt support to your customers consistently?

We can help your organisation to:

Enhance search experience

Improve discoverability through intelligent search algorithms, resulting in more accurate and relevant results, significantly enhancing users' navigation and access to information.

Increase your business efficiency

Simplify workflows by automating the most repetitive tasks, speeding up operations and significantly reducing the risk of human error, for a more efficient and reliable result.

Improve your customer engagement

Get customised experiences and support through intelligent chatbots, tailoring services to individual preferences, boosting satisfaction, and deepening customer interactions.

Take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Explore our AI services and discover how Datavid integrate LLMs with a private knowledge platform.

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Datavid's LLMs integration mastery

Elevate your private knowledge platform with Datavid's unparalleled Large Language Model integration expertise. Having rigorously benchmarked various LLMs, we offer tailored strategies that ensure zero hallucinations and ironclad intellectual property security.

Our offer goes beyond integration, providing the most efficient, custom AI solutions that safeguard your data while unlocking innovative insights. Trust Datavid to transform your platform into a secure, AI-enhanced knowledge hub.

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Transforming user experience with AI/LLM customisation

With AI and Large Language Models, you can unleash the power of customised user engagement on your platform through targeted personalisation provided by Datavid. Our customised strategies significantly improve search discoverability and chatbot efficiency, ensuring that every interaction is seamless and relevant. Leveraging our deep expertise in artificial intelligence, Datavid creates compelling experiences that capture and retain users, generating unprecedented satisfaction and growth.

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Innovation through continuous research

Join Datavid in a relentless pursuit of AI innovation, where our dedicated R&D team delves into the vast potential of AI technology and trends. Our commitment transcends mere application; it's about pioneering advancements in AI and LLMs to cultivate a suite of solutions that redefine what's possible. Every quarter, we unveil innovative solutions that reflect our deep research findings, ensuring our offerings remain at the forefront of technological progress. With Datavid, engage with a partner who is not just adapting to the future of AI but actively shaping it.

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Your questions. Answered.

  • Experience and Expertise: With five years of experience in integrating AI/ML into data pipeline construction, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.
  • Innovation-Driven: Our focus on incorporating the latest AI technologies, like LLMs, ensures that our clients benefit from the most advanced solutions available.
  • Customised Solutions: Understanding that each client has unique needs, we leverage our AI capabilities to provide tailored solutions that meet specific business requirements.
  • Future-Ready: We stay ahead of the curve, continuously exploring and adopting emerging AI technologies to keep our clients' data strategies forward-looking and competitive.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think and learn like humans, encompassing anything from basic problem-solving to complex decision-making and natural language understanding.

AI is widely used for tasks like speech recognition, image analysis, predictive analytics, and personal assistants, enhancing various industries from healthcare to finance, and improving efficiency and personalisation in services and products.

LLMs, or Large Language Models, are advanced AI systems trained on vast datasets to understand, generate, and interpret human language, enabling applications such as chatbots, content creation, and language translation.

Take your organization's data practices to new heights

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