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Invest in experts who care about your success

Datavid prides itself on servicing your organisation's data needs with a clear offer: exceptional talent, competitive rates, and a laser focus on your success.


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Helping world-class organisations make the most of their data

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What makes Datavid different

Our goal is to help organisations like your organisation make the most of their data, everything else is secondary to us. In this regard, Datavid differentiates itself from other providers offering more general software development. We complement this unwavering focus with business domain expertise to provide a 360-degree solution.

Helping customers develop their data infrastructure

Datavid's technical expertise is only one element of our customers' success—there are 6 key areas which give us the edge against similar consulting firms in helping your organisation with large data projects.

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1. Strong domain expertise

Datavid doesn't just provide the technical prowess—we can also provide consultants with a background in your organisation's business domain to maximise your ROI.

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2. Access to near- and off-shore talent

Depending on your organisation's project budget and requirements, Datavid can provide the right expertise for your specific needs across multiple locations and price points.

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3. Direct link to our partner network

For complex data projects, Datavid doesn't go it alone. Our partners can offer solutions to your organisation's specialised needs, e.g. XML content authoring, ontologies, and more.

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4. Timely support across the globe

Thanks to Datavid's decentralised structure, we can serve your organisation across 4 different timezones (EST, WET, EET, and IST)—enabling us to offer global support.

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5. Smaller yet more productive teams

Datavid applies the "two-pizza" agile rule by assigning small teams of 5 to 6 experts to your organisation's projects—enough to deliver value without waste or inefficiency.

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6. End-to-end project guidance and support

Most providers can only offer either consulting or development to your organisation. Datavid offers both, acting as trusted data advisors without sacrificing quality or timeliness.

Solving for all data challenges with a robust partner network

As a small but growing data consulting firm, we recognise that some of your organisation's challenges are too complex to go it alone. This is why we continuously invest in and maintain a network of trusted partners.

Datavid's commitment to data security

Trusting us with your organisation's data is a big ask, so we understand that you'll want to see best data security practices in place. Every Datavid consultants has to obtain cloud security certification (AWS and Azure primarily). Company-wide, we regularly refresh our cybersecurity knowledge as we work towards ISO 27001 certification.

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To help you assess whether Datavid's data solutions are the right fit, check out our complete resource library.



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Your questions. Answered.

Datavid implements security and confidentiality processes from day 1. We usually work within the client's secure environment, avoiding any data spillover to our systems.

Datavid's headcount is 80+ strong, and we expect to grow to over 100 people by the end of 2023. We have the capacity and growth rate to take on large data projects.

Yes, especially around system performance optimisation and cloud migration. However, Datavid's primary focus is on delivering large-scale data applications.

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