All your data under one roof

Save time researching thousands of documents across departments and transform your business with Datavid’s data intelligence solutions

The benefits of working with Datavid

Better compliance

Ensure compliance across regulations and cut down the time to pass audits

Faster innovation

Enjoy new data-driven capabilities and get them in the hands of end-users

Lower costs

Reduce the costs associated with older systems or ETL implementations

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Why Datavid's services?

We cater each project to the individual needs of your enterprise company

Data intelligence

Bring all your enterprise data under one roof and build new business capabilities on top of it

Machine learning (ML)

Hire expert software engineers to extract added value from your data with machine learning

MarkLogic development

Make the most of your data with the largest team of MarkLogic experts in Europe

Full-stack software development

Deploy data-intensive applications and save money with outsourced software development

Automated data integration

Save time and a few major headaches with automated data integration that just works 

Intelligent compliance

Reduce the time it takes to pass compliance audits with intelligent checks and automations

Entity extraction

Recognize real-world entities across dozens of sources and form powerful relationships

Cognitive search

Allow a host of new business applications with powerful search capabilities for your enterprise


Our data-driven solutions

Datavid leverages disparate data to enable advanced business capabilities

The next evolution in knowledge management

Datavid Rover is the AI-based engine that powers your enterprise’s most valuable knowledge: from R&D to competitive analysis to customer satisfaction.

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Data ingestion

Continuously integrate and process data in real-time from dozens of sources relevant to your business

Data mining

Extract real-world information from your data with built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Data curation

Easily curate the information displayed to filter out sensitive data and keep analysts focused 

Data discovery

Discover your enterprise’s best knowledge with an interface that employees will want to use

Who we are

The team at Datavid is passionate about solving challenging data problems at a large scale. We are experts in data intelligence and MarkLogic development. 

Balvinder Dang

Sr Technical Architect & Developer (Founder)

Silvia Chirila

Sr Technical Architect & Developer

Jenelle Seddon

Senior Business Analyst

Alexandru Mortan

Sr Technical Architect & Developer

Bogdan Mihut

Senior Developer


Ed Outhwaite

Sr Technical Architect & Developer


István Nagy

Sr Automation Engineer


Mathy Andiyappan

Sr Automation Engineer

thumbnail kourosh mojar 142

Kourosh Mojar

MarkLogic Developer

thumbnail rahul rajeev 142

Rahul Rajeev

MarkLogic Developer

thumbnail Razvan Berinde 142

Razvan Berinde

Sr Developer

thumbnail roxana curticapean 142

Roxana Curticapean

MarkLogic Developer

thumbnail vishwas 142


UI Developer

thumbnail kourosh mojar 142
thumbnail rahul rajeev 142

Increase compliance and save money

Datavid’s solutions help your enterprise company increase compliance, lower operational costs, and ultimately drive more profits.