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MarkLogic: Data Platform, Server & Semaphore AI

MarkLogic combines the power of a multi-model database with semantic AI capabilities. Here's how Datavid leverages the technology.

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  • about partner icon About the partner

    MarkLogic is a long-standing leader in the NoSQL database space, specifically for its deep search capabilities, but also its multi-model database—enabling semantic functionality at scale.

  • headquarters icon Headquarters

    United States

  • partner type icon Partner type

    Technology provider

  • key points icon Key points
    • » Easily integrates data from multiple sources into one hub
    • » Makes it easy to work with varied schemas in multi-model DB
    • » Delivers state of the art semantic linked applications (Semaphore)
  • solutions icon Solutions
    • Semantic data
    • Knowledge management
    • Data integration
  • offerings icon Offerings
    • MarkLogic Data Platform
    • MarkLogic Server
    • Semaphore AI
  • datavid comment icon Datavid's comment

    Datavid's relationship with MarkLogic runs deep throughout the entire culture. It's where we began our journey, and it continues to be a key partner for our respective growth.

About the partner


Ever since Datavid was founded in 2018, we’ve partnered up with MarkLogic to deliver powerful enterprise data applications to our customers.

In fact, more than half of the workforce at Datavid is comprised of certified MarkLogic developers, ex-MarkLogic employees, and current customers.

Our expertise with MarkLogic spans both products:

  1. MarkLogic Server
  2. MarkLogic Data Hub

Datavid consults Fortune 500 companies on how to make the most of these products both from a performance and an implementation point of view.

We work closely with MarkLogic to deliver solutions that increase the value of our customers’ data while keeping costs down and consistent month over month.

Check out some of the MarkLogic resources we’ve released so far:

Datavid is a certified MarkLogic service partner, reseller, and soon technology provider thanks to our continued investment in Datavid Rover: a knowledge engine for enterprise companies to make the most of their data.

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