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Succeeding with GenAI and LLMs in the Enterprise [Webinar]

Join a fascinating exploration of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) within the enterprise sector, where innovation and practicality meet to revolutionise business automation and optimisation.

Succeeding with GenAI and LLMs in the Enterprise [Webinar] preview
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About the resource

Request the on-demand version of Datavid’s roundtable webinar “Succeeding with GenAI and LLMs in the Enterprise”.

In this exclusive roundtable webinar, Datavid and other industry experts converge to discuss the forefront of Generative AI and Large Language Models development, their integration in enterprise environments, and the increasing opportunities they create across various industries.

What you'll discover: 
  • Critical aspects and emerging best practices of implementing Generative AI and LLMs in the enterprise;
  • Current and future applications in various enterprise tasks such as programming, data analysis, marketing, and many more;
  • Valuable insights into the skills that enterprises need to leverage GenAI and LLMs, and the challenges they might encounter;
  • Strategies for effectively implementing Generative AI in enterprise workflows to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency;
  • Growing trends and opportunities in AI adoption.

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