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Implementing Semantics & AI to your private MarkLogic data [Webinar]

Discover how to implement Semantics and AI/ LLMs to your private MarkLogic data with this in-depth webinar.

Implementing Semantics & AI to your private MarkLogic data [Webinar] preview
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Request the on-demand version of Datavid’s webinar “Implementing Semantics & AI to your private MarkLogic data”.

This online event explores semantic technologies and artificial intelligence integration with private MarkLogic data. 

Watch this interesting session to deepen your understanding of how Semantics and AI/LLMs can revolutionise the handling of private ML data. Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models!

What you'll discover: 

  • Introduction & Company Overview: Learn about Datavid's team, services/solutions, and leading projects, with a particular attention to the work done around AI/LLMs.
  • Semantics, AI and LLMs in the world of MarkLogic data: Explore how to improve MarkLogic data management by integrating Semantics for better understanding and interoperability, applying AI and LLMs to private datasets, and overcoming adoption challenges to maximise the benefits of the technology. 
  • Semantics & Demo: Witness an insightful demo with some practical applications of technologies such as AI/LLMs.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Get insights from the Q&A with  our panel of experts, including Clive Smith, Tim Padilla, and Silvia Chirila. 

Key takeaways: 
  1. The significance of integrating Semantics in ML data for enhanced understanding and interoperability; 
  2. Practical strategies for applying AI/LLMs to secure and private ML datasets; 
  3. Insights into overcoming common challenges faced while adopting these advanced technologies; 
  4. An exploration of the benefits such integration brings to your enterprise. 

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