Powerful tooling for data mining

Eliminating data silos is the tip of the iceberg. With Datavid Rover’s mining capabilities, you can easily extract additional value from your data.

So much of the value that your data carries with it sits in hidden, unused metadata. The time a document was created, its history of updates, geolocation data, and more.

This information is hard to extract and analyse as it often follows unrelated schemas. Datavid Rover captures all of this metadata and turns it into a format that’s useful to you.

Filter information across multiple data sources

Instead of scouring each individual data source, Datavid Rover allows you to filter by date, domain, document type and more through a single interface.

This helps you retrieve the exact information that you need without spending hours trying to identify the right data for the job across multiple sources.

datavid rover filter by anything
datavid rover deduplicate and merge data

De-duplicate and merge similar information

During the mining process, Datavid Rover checks for data with similar schema that is represented differently across multiple sources.

This presents the opportunity to streamline your workflow by de-duplicating and merging data that is either the exact same or very closely-related.

Automatically extract relevant concepts

Thanks to its AI-driven engine, Datavid Rover surfaces relevant concepts (entities) from each document, allowing for previously inaccessible analysis.

Want to find all documents that include information on a specific drug against a clinical trial? Datavid Rover can do that with incredible precision.

datavid rover extract concepts from unstructured data

Case studies

Our customers love what we do

Working with the consultants at Datavid was a great experience, especially Bogdan and Ana who guided us in the right direction.

Joe Inglis

CEO, VetChef

I just wanted to say thanks. Our system has gotten so much better recently and it has obviously taken a lot of hard work.



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Other features of Datavid Rover

Data ingestion

Connect any data source and integrate all of your enterprise’s knowledge under one roof

Data discovery

Uncover trends in data usage across departments and develop new powerful insights

Extract additional value from your data

With Datavid Rover’s built-in AI engine, mining data for additional information becomes simple. Book a free consultation to learn more.