Data projects for modern enterprise

Datavid simplifies the process of designing, implementing, and delivering data-intensive applications for today’s enterprise. 

Increase data quality

Get more value out of your data – whether for research, compliance, or other use cases.

Cut costs to a minimum

Our consultants help you reduce costs down to a minimum and increase profit margins.

Grow your business

Datavid provides with value-added assets that are built to last for years to come.

Services we offer

Data intelligence advisory & support

Bring all your enterprise data under one roof & build new capabilities

Data isn’t one-dimensional; it assumes many formats and carries hidden value. Datavid helps you surface that value without any of the technical headaches.

Our consultants are experts who understand the needs of enterprises in industries like life sciences, finance, publishing, government, and agriculture.

MarkLogic is a proven technology that makes it possible to integrate all your data in a single hub, but it requires specialised expertise that is hard to find.

Datavid’s team consists of 30+ MarkLogic consultants, making us a trusted partner for your next data project. We work across Europe and the US.

MarkLogic development

Get the most of MarkLogic with decades of combined data expertise

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Extract additional value from your data with Natural Language Processing

A lot of the value that data carries is buried within thousands of words, making it almost impossible to discover—and much less use for your business.

The experts at Datavid have years of experience working with Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to solve this problem.

Achieving a great outcome for your data project is hard; the complexity in the field comes at the cost of delayed, ineffective, or even failed projects.

Datavid avoids this pitfall by providing you with a continuous, full-stack development cycle that is transparent, iterative, and feedback-driven.

Full-stack software development

Deploy data-intensive applications for your enterprise and save money

Case studies

Our customers love what we do

Working with the consultants at Datavid was a great experience, especially Bogdan and Ana who guided us in the right direction.

Joe Inglis

CEO, VetChef

I just wanted to say thanks. Our system has gotten so much better recently and it has obviously taken a lot of hard work.



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Work with a trusted data expert

Our consultants have delivered dozens of successful projects for enterprises in life sciences, finance, publishing, government, and agriculture.