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Snowflake: The "Data Cloud" platform for modern enterprise

With its data warehouse, data lake, and "unistore," Snowflake gives Datavid an all-in-one toolset for large-scale enterprise applications.

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    Snowflake offers a set of unified tools that allow enterprises to collate all of their data into one seamless experience. It's one of the biggest challengers to large names such as AWS, IBM, and Microsoft.

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    United States

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    Technology provider

  • key points icon Key points
    • » All-in-one enterprise platform for cloud data management
    • » Allows for powerful business use cases like data science and dataops
    • » Offers cross-cloud implementation across AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • solutions icon Solutions
    • Data analytics
    • Data integration
    • Data engineering
    • Data governance
  • offerings icon Offerings
    • Data warehouse
    • Data lake
    • Unistore
  • datavid comment icon Datavid's comment

    Snowflake is different from other database solution providers in that it offers a complete framework to work with data across multiple sources. It combines data warehouse, data lake, and data science capabilities into one unified platform. This gives Datavid the opportunity to offer customers an all-in-one solution for large-scale enterprise projects.

About the partner


As a major contender in the battle for cloud database management marketshare, Snowflake's data cloud allows Datavid to tackle complex challenges in one place—especially if a customer has previously invested in data lake or warehouse technology and hasn't realized the value.

By offering a complete data platform with native data lake and warehouse functionality, Snowflake offers the best of all worlds. And it does so in a rich ecosystem that delivers value.

Snowflake's strength is in its holistic approach.

Datavid works with customers to understand their requirements and—if we see a need for multiple use cases in one project—Snowflake becomes the go-to data platform.

Some of the best functionality it offers:

  • Unistore: An integrated way to work with transactional and analytical data.
  • Snowpark: To build integrated data pipelines in Java, Python, or Scala.
  • Snowgrid: A cross-cloud technology layer for scalable applications.

These are some of the more innovative ideas coming from Snowflake.

Datavid leverages all of them to make the most of your data.

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