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Learn how Graphifi's taxonomy / ontology management tool Graphologi and knowledge graph delivery platform EasyGraph help enterprises make the most of their data.

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About the partner

Graphifi provides tooling and expertise for creating knowledge graphs. Their two products—Graphologi and EasyGraph—offer enterprise class capabilities for managing and setting up knowledge graphs easily and affordably.

Key benefits

Offers a complete, standards-compliant knowledge graph solution.
Easy and affordable to set up, Graphologi and EasyGraph offer great value.
Reduces time to unlock the value of an organization’s information.

Based in the UK, Graphifi offers two products:

  1. Graphologi, for taxonomy and ontology management, and;
  2. EasyGraph, a knowledge graph delivery platform.

Graphifi customers benefit from the best practices and standards that Graphology and EasyGraph adhere to.

The experts at Graphifi work closely with them to ensure that the adoption and integration with existing systems runs as smoothly as possible.

Together, Datavid and Graphifi empower executives, architects, taxonomists and data stewards to unlock the value of their organisation’s information.

Here’s a complete description of each product:


The Challenge

Taxonomy and ontology management applications tend to be either commercial and extremely expensive, or open source and just plain complicated.

They also often have user interfaces that don’t quite meet user expectations.

The Solution

Graphologi is an enterprise-class, scalable application provided as “Software-as-a-Service”, or a managed service. It is standards-compliant, secure, and collaborative—with a focus on providing a great user experience.

A range of competitively priced subscriptions give you plenty of options, ranging from individuals through to the largest enterprises.

Graphologi gives you taxonomy management built around the SKOS and SKOS-XL standards and ontology management built around the OWL2 standard.

These days, many organisations want more than just a taxonomy or thesaurus.

In Graphologi, ontologies can be used to further enhance taxonomies, creating rich relationships between concepts.

To provide a complete knowledge graph solution, Graphologi can also integrate directly with EasyGraph through the use of webhooks.


The Challenge

Building a knowledge graph platform can be challenging for companies, especially when starting out. Existing development teams may not have the right mix of skills or experience, and management may struggle to know what skills they need.

Also, companies don’t necessarily want to make a large outlay on graph technology or expertise before understanding more about any potential business benefits.

The Solution

Graphifi’s EasyGraph brings the power of knowledge graphs to organisations that previously did not have the expertise or budget to invest in them by removing the design and development burden of building a knowledge graph platform.

EasyGraph also reduces time to market for existing development teams that are implementing bespoke solutions by enabling rapid prototyping.

It makes deploying a full, production-grade setup simple.

By starting small, testing out ideas, learning from them, and then evolving those ideas, organisations can quickly realise benefits rather than waiting for months or years before knowing if they are creating value.

EasyGraph allows you to focus on the ideas rather than the technology.

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