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Datavid partners with Fonto to bring customers an easy-to-use XML editing experience. Here's how the technology works.

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About the partner

Fonto makes structured content authoring easy. They let subject matter experts create, edit and review mission-critical documents. Flawless, fast and efficient.

Key benefits

Create valid content according to the schema without knowledge of XML.
Create, edit, and review mission-critical documents intuitively.
Easy to integrate in the full set of Datavid services and solutions.

By providing user-friendly XML tooling that works with large quantities of content, Fonto helps partners like Datavid implement valuable customer experiences quickly.

They offer the following tools:

Fonto Editor and its suite of products can be integrated into Datavid and MarkLogic via flexible APIs. It extends Datavis’s solutions with a user-friendly structured content authoring solution.

This allows to edit structured documents like you’re working in your favorite Word-processor.

Fonto Editor is accessible via the browser, without installing additional software.

With their add-ons, they enable you to collaborate on documents, have a full audit trail of changes to the content and increase content quality.

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