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Caliper Content Services: Content digitization & automation

Datavid partners with Caliper Content Services to provide our customers with best-in-class content digitization solutions.

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  • about partner icon About the partner

    Caliper Content Services is an intelligent content consultancy that helps you make the most of your corporate knowledge. The founders have 15+ years of experience solving content problems in a variety of industries: Financial, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Airlines, Government, Insurance, and Sports.

  • headquarters icon Headquarters

    United Kingdom

  • partner type icon Partner type

    Service provider

  • key points icon Key points
    • » Implement intelligent content solutions in your operations
    • » Manage content extraction, production, and publishing
    • » Deliver better content authoring experiences to stakeholders
  • solutions icon Solutions
    • Ontology management
    • Knowledge management
  • offerings icon Offerings
    • New solution design
    • Existing solution repair
    • Business case development
    • Content metrics design
    • DITA consulting
  • datavid comment icon Datavid's comment

    Working with Caliper Content Services has helped our customers extract more value out of their data, whether that be through managed XML authoring or intelligent solutions to automatically extract and classify content based on ontologies and taxonomies.

About the partner


Caliper Content Services designs intelligent content solutions and strategies for enterprise companies in various industries. They take a hands-on approach to solving some of the most complex documentation problems within your organization, i.e. "content engineering."

Datavid partners with Caliper Content Services because of their deep expertise working in specific industries—allowing for software built around strong domain knowledge.

Where Caliper Content Services acts as the business domain and content operations expert, we act as their preferred implementation partner, giving them the technological tools and expertise to realize complex data platforms within a shared network of stakeholders.

Caliper Content Services offers a variety of services:

  • New solution design
  • Existing solution repair
  • Business case development
  • Content metrics design
  • DITA consulting

Their main focus is extracting as much business value from corporate content as possible while accelerating the processes behind producing even more value in the long-term.

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