Your life sciences data is valuable

To help scientists carry their research forward, leveraging data intelligence solutions like cognitive search makes a big difference.

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As a life sciences company, bringing just one product to market often takes years. This is a huge upfront investment which doesn’t always result in clear business returns.

With a combination of data-driven solutions like entity extraction and cognitive search, your enterprise can cut on research time dramatically and innovate faster than ever.

3 benefits of Datavid for the life sciences industry


Eliminate data silos

Get a detailed view of all your enterprise’s knowledge, no matter the source of information or data type.


Cut research time

Dramatically reduce the time it takes for subject matter experts to research, curate, and edit documents.


Improve products

Get better products out to market at scale with powerful AI-driven tools that accelerate innovation.

Get a complete picture of your data

Eliminate silos and make the most of your enterprise’s knowledge

Decades of research and corporate growth often bring big challenges when it comes to storing, organizing, and accessing data accurately.

Datavid helps life sciences companies break through the problem of siloed data by providing data access that’s relevant and useful across departments.

Your enterprise’s data is most useful when it’s used to derive powerful insights that accelerate both product and business development.

That’s why Datavid helps researchers find relevant information fast, so they can spend the rest of their time focusing on what they do best—innovating.

Bring products to market faster

Increase researchers’ productivity with tools made to fit their needs 

Uncover powerful business insights

Surface valuable information and trends across your enterprise

Only a small portion of the information your company has access to can be analysed. The rest is hidden in disparate documents, hard to find and process.

Datavid uses Machine Learning to extract that information, making it easy to understand and unlocking a host of new possibilities.

Case studies

Our customers love what we do

Working with the consultants at Datavid was a great experience, especially Bogdan and Ana who guided us in the right direction.

Joe Inglis

CEO, VetChef

I just wanted to say thanks. Our system has gotten so much better recently and it has obviously taken a lot of hard work.



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Bring out your best knowledge

Turn your enterprise’s life sciences knowledge into an engine for innovation with Datavid’s powerful data intelligence software.