Modern infrastructure for the public

Governments often face aging infrastructure with security risks and financial pitfalls. Datavid can overturn that dynamic in a few months.

Few organisations have to deal with the amount of data that government departments experience weekly. Yet the infrastructure that supports it is often inadequate.

Inefficiencies result in rising costs, and those same costs can result in lower quality service. To fix this, Datavid designs software that scales even under extreme loads.

3 benefits of Datavid for government units


Cut legacy costs

Old software is often inefficient under load. Datavid can eliminate bottlenecks and cut costs by up to 5x.


Increase productivity

Legacy architecture is reliable but slow. Datavid ensures that workers experience the fastest software possible.


Enable self-service

Government units need a lot of input from users. That’s why Datavid focuses on helping users serve themselves.

Eliminate bottlenecks and lower costs

Run your infrastructure more efficiently even under load

In a large system architecture like a government unit ERP, bottlenecks can cost the organisation millions every year and cause delays across departments.

With years of experience developing large-scale software, Datavid can identify bottlenecks quickly and work on the root cause—saving you time and money.

With the amount of data that government workers process every day, a fast system makes the difference between being on top versus being overwhelmed.

That’s why Datavid combines high-performance with various automations to offer workers a productive environment they are happy to use daily.

Help workers be more productive

Eliminate needless waiting times with software that performs

Offer users a more intuitive experience

Integrate powerful self-service directly into your system

For a lot of users, finding the right information or submitting their information to a government department for review is often a struggle.

Datavid can solve this problem by developing simple interfaces that users can access to submit their information and easily track the progress.

Case studies

Our customers love what we do

Working with the consultants at Datavid was a great experience, especially Bogdan and Ana who guided us in the right direction.

Joe Inglis

CEO, VetChef

I just wanted to say thanks. Our system has gotten so much better recently and it has obviously taken a lot of hard work.



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