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How a Datavid consultant brings more value to a project

by Rahul Rajeev on

Enterprise data projects are complex, high-risk endeavors. Learn how a Datavid consultants from Datavid can help you mitigate those risks.

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The world of IT is well known to all, but to implement a solution for a business using the means of IT requires professionals who are well proficient in understanding and designing the solution for all business needs.

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IT Consulting has become very popular due to the requirement of such professionals, many business owners are looking towards making their business digital. According to Consultancy UK:

The market for IT consulting is [...] worth $48 billion, representing roughly 20% of the total global consulting market. In the coming years, the IT consulting market is forecasted to face significantly higher demand.

You can read the full article at IT Consulting |  

The world was devastated by the COVID 19 pandemic and many lost their businesses to it as they were not able to move their business to an online digital platform.  

Many local stores were able to sell their products offline before the pandemic, but during lockdown when everyone was forced to stay indoors, these stores went bankrupt.  

Many digital platforms had to come up with new operating models to help these businesses to stay on their feet.

How Datavid adapts to change

At Datavid, we can adapt to many combinations of technologies to achieve a digital model or to find a solution to a business use case.  

For example, during the onset of the pandemic we were contacted by one of our clients to find a solution on how to include the data related to COVID in a beneficial way for their business.  

We worked with the client to find a solution for their business need and were able to deliver a solution for their requirement in record time.  

Even though their current architecture was old and their business model was rusty, we were able to optimize their business model and integrate a solution into their existing architecture.  

Although the architecture was old, we advised our client to move to a new model, so that it can accommodate future changes.

Appropriately handling risk

We made a POC for them to show them how we can move to a new architecture, all without any down time. There were lots of challenges with the project, and our client wanted to accelerate time to deliver in the project lifecycle.  

We also faced the challenge of insufficient resourcing on the customer side who were knowledgeable about their system.  

The whole system was hanging on a thread. Considering all the risks our team went it and swiped the whole project.

It was no easy task.

But it had to be done. 

We live in a time where each day something new comes up and along with that, existing tech becomes old and rusty. Our knowledge about technology needs to be updated on a daily basis, this can be difficult for an individual.

But with a team, even the impossible becomes possible.  

Datavid's global team

We have people from many parts of the world working towards one goal, which is to find solutions for all business needs.  

They are professionals in their own technologies: when we brainstorm we are able to find a solution by piecing together different technologies and different minds.  

The team is ready for any scenario a business can throw at them.  

We have people working across all time zones and hence we are ready for any challenge which comes our way at any time. 

With new technology comes new challenges and we at Datavid strive to find a solution for each and every problem that a business can face.  

Our consultants have worked in all kind of projects and are experienced to find a solution to any new business requirement in the field of data intelligence.

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Frequently asked questions

Datavid implements security and confidentiality processes from day 1. We usually work within the client's secure environment, avoiding any data spillover to our systems.

Datavid's headcount is 80+ strong, and we expect to grow to over 100 people by the end of 2023. We have the capacity and growth rate to take on large data projects.

Yes, especially around system performance optimization and cloud migration. However, Datavid's primary focus is on delivering large-scale data applications.