Data intelligence for the enterprise

Datavid helps your enterprise company make the most of its data by integrating and unifying it, enabling a host of innovative business applications.

We’re a global, fully-remote company.

We serve customers in the UK, US, and globally.

Our team is made up of 50+ industry experts.

Our values

Technical data challenges are at the core of what we do. We work based on 3 fundamental values:

Be agile to deliver innovative projects

Datavid builds value iteratively, with constant improvements based on customer feedback.

Generate value for the long-term

We work together to deliver valuable business assets that will last for years to come.

Work as a collaborative team

Our consultants collaborate as a team to achieve the best-possible outcomes for customers.

Our mission

To help enterprise companies make the most of their data

Our vision

To deliver transformational business value at scale

Working with clients in Europe, the US & globally

Datavid works with customers globally and has team members spread out across 3 time zones in the United Kingdom, Romania, and India.

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A brief timeline

In 2016, Datavid launches as a data consulting firm and builds its core service business.

From 2019 onwards, Datavid grows its team of consultants from ~20 people to 40+ to meet customer demand.

Beyond 2022, Datavid will offer data intelligence products on top of its existing services. 

Did you know...

Datavid has the largest number of senior MarkLogic consultants in Europe, allowing us to strategically serve enterprise companies that already invested in the technology.

Balvinder Dang

Sr Technical Architect & Developer (Founder)

Silvia Chirila

Sr Technical Architect & Developer

Jenelle Seddon

Senior Business Analyst

Alexandru Mortan

Sr Technical Architect & Developer

Bogdan Mihut

Senior Developer


Ed Outhwaite

Sr Technical Architect & Developer


István Nagy

Sr Automation Engineer


Mathy Andiyappan

Sr Automation Engineer

thumbnail kourosh mojar 142

Kourosh Mojar

MarkLogic Developer

thumbnail rahul rajeev 142

Rahul Rajeev

MarkLogic Developer

thumbnail Razvan Berinde 142

Razvan Berinde

Sr Developer

thumbnail roxana curticapean 142

Roxana Curticapean

MarkLogic Developer

thumbnail vishwas 142


UI Developer

thumbnail kourosh mojar 142
thumbnail rahul rajeev 142

Make the best of your enterprise data

Hire a team of experts and transform disparate data into business value with Datavid’s data intelligence services and solutions