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VetChef: Attracting thousands of users in a few months

Learn how a small startup attracted thousands of users to their "My VetChef" app, allowing to tailor food to a pet's unique preferences.

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  • about customer icon About the customer

    VetChef is a consumer service startup that focuses around the idea of home-made, fresh food for your pets to help them lead a healthier life.

  • headquarters icon Headquarters

    United Kingdom

  • industry icon Industry


  • company size icon Company size

    1 - 10

  • quick metrics icon Quick metrics
    • » Gained 1000+ qualified users in just a few months
    • » Implemented value-added features to drive business development
    • » Saved 100s of hours of dev time to focus on helping customers
  • technology used icon Technology used
    • AWS
    • React
  • solutions offered icon Solutions offered
    • Data architecture
    • Data engineering
  • use cases icon Use cases
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Semantic data

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Developing a compelling & modern user interface

VetChef sells a variety of products and services to help dog owners prepare nutritious, natural food for their pets instead of using highly-processed, mass market food.

Joe and Edward are the co-founders of the startup, and they wanted to build a modern-looking web app that could attract dog owners who have the time to prepare food for their pets to keep track of all the natural recipes that go in line with VetChef supplements.

The challenge for them was to take care of the user interface and overall front-end development of the “My VetChef” application, which is now live for people to use.

How My VetChef works in 3 simple steps

How do you design a compelling user interface that keeps the user engaged? How do you go to market fast enough to get enough value back from the development process?

These are the key questions that were presented to Datavid in light of VetChef’s efforts to bring their business development strategy together on the web.


Going to market fast with a React application

Web technologies evolve so fast that it’s often hard to choose which tool to use for the job, especially when you’re a startup with limited resources.

Datavid’s approach to VetChef’s problem was to:

  1. Understand the underlying algorithms developed by Edward
  2. Design a User Interface that would match the users’ preferences
  3. Develop the frontend using the React ecosystem (JavaScript library)

Since the data that would power the app was already there, Datavid focused extensively on the tooling and development necessary to ship frontend features fast and effectively.

My VetChef provides recommendations (above) based on your dog’s profile (below)

This resulted in the app being released to the public just a few months after the project started (January 2021), allowing VetChef to market it and start capturing users.

In the months following the release, Datavid helped deliver a number of new features to the app, including a shopping list, dashboard, diary, and favorite recipes.


Gaining 1000s of active users in a few months

Software isn’t helpful if it isn’t used, and that’s why Datavid focused on developing a compelling interface that would attract people to use the application.

Once released, VetChef experienced a relative ease in users signing up to the application when it was pitched to them either via digital marketing campaign or word of mouth.

The signup process is easy and takes less than 3 minutes to complete

They have gained upwards of 1000 users quickly, which enabled them to invest in the application further and develop features that would help their user base.

Most importantly though, people are becoming more and more active users of the applications, saving more recipes and adding them to their diary.

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