Smart compliance for the finance industry

Automate tedious tasks, streamline your audits, and give employees their time back with Datavid’s compliance solutions for the finance industry.

Finance companies are constantly bombarded with new rules and regulations to comply with, including strict audits that demand a lot of internal and external resources.

While traditional software helps with mitigating the issue, a lot of documents still need manual editing. Datavid solves this problem with an AI-driven approach to compliance.

3 benefits of Datavid for the finance industry


Automate tasks

A lot of compliance work is filling out the same details over and over. Datavid automates 90% of that work.


Know the source

Compliance means knowing the source of your data and who redacted it. We help you access that data quickly.


Prepare audits

With software catered to your needs, you’ll always have the right data for the right audit—at the right time.

Gain back your business resources

Save time and money automating away tedious compliance tasks

Compliance documentation is hard to structure with traditional software engineering methods as they often come in different formats.

Datavid uses Machine Learning techniques to map out repetitive compliance requirements and automate tasks that would take weeks to complete.

Finance enterprises are often spread across multiple countries, with countless departments generating incredible amounts of data in the span of days.

To get a complete picture of this information, Datavid enables its discovery with powerful tools like entity extraction, relationships, and knowledge graphs.

Increase the visibility of disparate data

Spend less time scouring documents and more time adding value

Help auditors find the right information

Get access to a suite of compliance tools and pass audits confidently

When a regulatory body needs a piece of information from you, time is of the essence. But the problem is, this data is often buried in a sea of documents.

With the help of cognitive search, Datavid can surface both the exact content and the associated metadata to meet the standards of specific regulations. 

Case studies

Our customers love what we do

Working with the consultants at Datavid was a great experience, especially Bogdan and Ana who guided us in the right direction.

Joe Inglis

CEO, VetChef

I just wanted to say thanks. Our system has gotten so much better recently and it has obviously taken a lot of hard work.



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