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Marketing Manager

Datavid is looking for a Marketing Manager—join a remote culture and play a critical role in planning, executing, and overseeing marketing strategies and activities.

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Job description


We are looking for a Marketing Manager.

Be empowered to be innovative and creative where difference is valued

Join a place built on innovation, creativity, and technology. Where different views and perspectives based on experience and expertise are welcomed and valued. Would you like to be a part of a marketing group that has a direct impact on how we create, and deliver value to our customers across many verticals?

At Datavid, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver value from our customer’s data to create business impact and insight.

Marketing Manager will play a critical role in planning, executing, and overseeing marketing strategies and activities for Datavid. The primary objective of this role is to promote the company's current services, future products, and brand to achieve our business goals, increase brand visibility, and drive revenue.

Datavid is looking for an enthusiastic and accomplished Marketing Manager to take the reins of our marketing strategy. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to rally people together in pursuit of ambitious business objectives and execute them to completion.

As Marketing Manager, you will be a key collaborator, working directly with the Director of Sales, Director of Customer Success, and other senior management personnel. Your role will encompass addressing Datavid's most pressing marketing challenges while championing our value proposition and brand positioning.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Developing marketing strategies and creating comprehensive marketing plans that align with the company's overall objectives and target audience. Conduct market research to identify trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes. Use this information to inform marketing strategies. Develop strategies for generating leads and converting them into sales qualified leads through various channels, such as lead nurturing, email marketing, and content marketing.
  • Plan and execute advertising campaigns, both online and offline, including digital marketing, print media and social media advertising. Oversee the creation of marketing materials, including content for websites, newsletter, blogs, white papers tailored to specific industry use cases., scientific publishing, social media, email marketing, SEO and printed collateral.
  • Maintain and enhance the organisation's brand image and identity. Ensure consistency in branding across all marketing channels. Explore and establish partnerships with other companies or organisations to expand the reach and impact of marketing initiatives.
  • Manage and mentor a small team of marketing professionals, including market researchers, content creators, designers, and digital marketers. Develop and manage marketing budgets, ensuring efficient allocation of resources for various marketing initiatives.
  • Foster positive relationships with the conference personnel and other stakeholders. Manage public relations efforts to maintain a positive image across public and private Organisations.
  • Use data and analytics to track the performance of marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions for optimisation.
  • Your role will include generating, qualifying, and nurturing leads consistently, with the goal of passing them on to the sales team.
  • You will actively research and coordinate in-person events, conferences, webinars, and partnerships with other organisations to broaden Datavid's reach.
  • In addition to the core responsibilities, you will be involved in customer research, gathering social proof (such as case studies, testimonials, and reviews), and optimising the company's website.

Datavid is launching a number of products early in 2024. A highly desirable experience for the successful candidate would be either Product Management or Product Marketing experience. Ideally, this experience would have come from a SaaS software start-up. You will be responsible for overseeing the creation and distribution of promotional campaigns for Datavid’s products.


The successful candidate should possess the following core competencies:

  • A fundamental understanding of B2B marketing and its role in achieving overarching business objectives, such as achieving revenue targets by the end of the financial year.
  • Experience of product pricing, product promotion on different channels and successful product launching.
  • Previous, in-depth experience with CRM systems, with a preference for expertise in HubSpot. You should demonstrate a willingness and aptitude for rapid learning and adapting to Datavid's specific tools requirement.
  • Knowledge of CRM system e.g HubSpot, SharePoint, Figma, Ahrefs, Content Management System, and Verblio or similar system is essential.
  • Strong project management and resource allocation skills, enabling you to articulate how marketing plans will run, their associated costs, assigned responsibilities, expected outcomes, and alignment with the broader business strategy.
  • Strong people management and communication skills, allowing you to maintain daily communication with the marketing team, resolve conflicts, independently engage with internal and external stakeholders, and clearly articulate the value of your work.
  • Previous experience in writing blog posts, white papers, or other text-heavy content mediums.
  • A proven track record and a deep commitment to growing in the marketing profession. You should be passionate about B2B marketing and envision yourself working in this sphere for years to come.
  • A strong commitment to continuous improvement and the ability to embrace new learning opportunities to enhance the quality and impact of Datavid's brand.
  • A natural inclination for collaborative work, rather than working in isolation, providing constructive feedback to your team members, and actively listening to their needs.

Essential requirements

  • A degree or equivalent qualification or relevant professional experience.
  • Background and experience of 6-8 years in marketing hands on delivery and at least 2 years in leadership.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Stakeholder management experience
  • Ability to demonstrate strong networking and team working skills


Location: European Time Zone (UK, Romania, or anywhere in Europe)

Language Requirements: Excellent English proficiency, both verbal and written